The Meet or Beat Guarantee

For most of us, a mortgage is the biggest financial obligation we will face in our lives.   We all want to feel comfortable that we have found the best program, the best price and the best mortgage professional before committing to a debt that could become part of our budget for up to 30 years!  At Liberty, we understand the importance of feeling positive with ALL aspects of shopping for your mortgage.  

When we say we’ll ‘Meet or Beat’ the competition, what we mean is that we know our customers will sometimes choose to compare our written loan offers with those of other mortgage companies as they decide on which company will best meet their needs—Don’t feel awkward about comparing.  All we ask is the opportunity to review other loan offers you may obtain in the course of your search.  If we can’t ‘Meet or Beat’ the competition, we’ll tell you so!  Our experience has shown that this open-minded approach to comparison shopping usually shows just how good our pricing is when measured against a written estimate from our competition.